The Innovation Imperative: Growth from Innovation is a Top Priority for Organizations

Growth dominated CEOs’ strategic priorities in the last four years, with more than 50% of the growth expected to come from new products and new markets.*

However, various research shows that few do it well. Multiple sources site 50%-80% of new products, across industries, fail to meet one or more of their critical metrics for success.

* Gartner, 2015

The most common challenges that companies experience include:

  • Disconnect between innovation and the business strategy
  • Lack of pipeline visibility and understanding of what is needed to deliver the target business results
  • Abundance of ideas, but shortage of qualified concepts for development that will drive differentiation
  • Difficulty in identifying the product requirements necessary for success 
  • Difficulty monitoring and measuring innovation performance 

Running Innovation
Like a Business

High performing companies understand innovation is about more than great ideas. It is about turning great ideas into on-time, predictable, revenue-generating products and services.

Recommendations for improving return on innovation:

Articulate and align on an Innovation strategy 

Creativity can produce a lot of ideas, but business value increases exponentially when creativity is channeled to strategic priority areas.

Manage the Fuzzy Front End

Define a process that balances the need for more predictable results with the “freedom” to foster creativity and the iterative learning cycles.

Systematically turn ideas into qualified concepts

Enable systemic discovery and experimentation to help quickly develop concept components and the corresponding business case.

Actively manage Innovation portfolio and investment allocation

Define strategic buckets that direct FEI efforts and provide a holistic view of the pipeline, including ideas and product development projects.


Organize and reward for success

Design an innovation team with different than the daily operations team skills sets and incentives that can support the unique breakthrough innovation work. 

Measure your results and learn to improve

Conduct regular project post launch reviews and annual portfolio results analyses to build a repository and apply lessons learned to improve odds of in-market success.

More Than Cosmetics For Mary Kay: Six Best Practices For Digitizing Innovation


Companies that effectively manage their end-to-end innovation processes see real business benefits.

35% cycle time reduction through pipeline cleanout and portfolio management practices

25% improved portfolio value through improved prioritization and decision making

11-24% higher profit margins on new products by companies using best-in-class portfolio management practices

Increase Your
Return on Innovation

Leading companies enable these six success practices with technology. With Kalypso's exclusive focus on innovation and proven track record of helping organizations improve results from innovation and Oracle's leading Innovation Management Cloud solution, we can help you get started and get better quickly. 

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