High Technology

We work with high technology organizations to drive top-line revenue growth from innovation in an industry strife with consolidation and competition.

We partner with clients throughout the product development lifecycle - from commercial and engineering to manufacturing and end-of-life - to enable improved time to market and maximized market lifespan. We do this by combining our high tech industry expertise with leading practices in innovation strategy, product and project portfolio management, new product development execution, change leadership and information technology.

Industry Segments

  • Computer Hardware
  • Consumer Electronics
  • EMS
  • ODM
  • Semiconductor
  • Software
  • Telecom & Networking

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Article Positioning for Success with Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 will change the competitive landscape for manufacturers. Companies must quickly adapt to internal and external pressure to innovate with new products, so traditionally discrete business units will need to come together to meet market…
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Working to advance Industry 4.0 in your organization? Here's how to create commitment and buy-in while addressing fundamental changes to collaboration and culture.
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Time to market is vital, but an exclusive focus on speed often results in quality-related mistakes. With a holistic PLM program that includes strategy, software, processes and culture, organizations can avoid several common quality mistakes.
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To achieve true innovation results transformation, all semiconductor firms must now move beyond a basic approach to PLM/PDM with enhanced innovation and new product development capabilities, including the creation of a comprehensive product…
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Article Is My IP Losing Me Money? Part 1

The first step to effective IP management is developing an IP strategy that aligns to the business imperatives. The strategy should be comprehensive, including incentives that encourage the development of quality IP, and a plan for dealing with…
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Article Is My IP Losing Me Money? Part 2

To extract sustainable business value from IP, companies need to understand these leading practices for commercialization, and support their IP strategy with the right tools and metrics.
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Article Three New Leading Practices for Semiconductor Innovation

Semiconductor companies are always looking to deliver meaningful growth for innovation, but few actually deliver. Here are three leading practices that successful companies use.
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Joe Dury

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