Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Deliver Real Business Value and Sustainable Results from PLM

We work with organizations to deliver real business value and sustainable results from product lifecycle management (PLM).

When implemented successfully, PLM facilitates innovation, the development and launch of new products, and product reporting and compliance by managing product information as a single source of truth across the supply chain and throughout the product lifecycle.

This requires a comprehensive, integrated approach that delivers a total PLM solution – combining technology, organizational change and business value.

As an objective provider of end-to-end PLM advisory and implementation services we combine deep experience in strategy, process improvement, digital technologies and organizational effectiveness with expertise in PLM technology deployments for all of the leading PLM software solutions.

Regardless of existing processes, technical maturity or business objectives, we partner collaboratively with clients to facilitate, guide and support them through all of phases of the PLM implementation process to accelerate the value of their investment. 

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Article Getting Higher Strategic Value Out of PLM

Kalypso and Tech-Clarity researched over 100 companies to determine how some get much higher value from PLM. The results show that leading companies go beyond tactical cost and efficiency gains to improve innovation and drive higher profit margins…
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Article Implementing Global IT Systems: Avoid the “Global Roll Out”

This series provides leading practices for avoiding the top ten most common mistakes made during the implementation of large global IT systems in support of R&D or other business processes. Read on to learn how to avoid mistake #1: The "Global"…
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Video How to Design Enterprise Systems with the End User in Mind

When designing and implementing systems it's easy to forget that real live people are going to use them. Use design thinking to drive adoption in each phase of an implementation to create processes and tools you’d want to use yourself.
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White Paper Top Strategic Goals of PLM and Why “Going Live” Isn’t One of Them

The potential value of PLM is huge, and continues to grow as the scope of PLM expands. To maximize value, it’s important to have well-defined goals that are tied to your business strategy before you flip the switch.
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Article Beyond PLM: Eight Tips for Bridging Product Data between PLM and Other Systems

Integrations are almost always a part of implementing or evolving a PLM solution. These eight tips will help you ensure the success of an integration initiative, realize the business goals, and deliver an error free solution.
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Article What PLM Really Can (and Can’t) Do for You

PLM can help accomplish many goals, but it also does not solve everything. Here’s a breakdown of what PLM can and can’t do, with links to more information on each subject.
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Video Implementing PLM? Take a Business Results-Focused Approach

To speed up the results from a product lifecycle management (PLM) implementation, companies need to focus on solving immediate needs and extracting real business value. In this example, a company with pressing quality and regulatory business needs…
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Infographic Cost vs. Impact: Making the Case for Managed Services

It's excessive - 8 of every 10 dollars spent on PLM go towards system maintenance and support. When internal support fails and typical outsourcing firms provide poor service, what can you do to rebalance this ratio?
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